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For OASIS, Old town of Ekenäs 5.6.2021 - 5.9.2021


with Sanna Ritvanen

Mad House, Helsinki 9-11 August 2021

Annantalo, Helsinki 16-17 June 2021

Bread ó Clock by Elina Rantasuo


2 - 17.5.2020

MAATILA Project Space

"Bread Omens invites you to participate in the soft and sticky process of sourdough baking and it's correlation with demands placed on living bodies in need of stretching and folding.

Instead of the intended physical exhibition in MAA-tila, Bread Omens will serve oven building & dough related events streamed and stored on their website along with material from previous projects.

During the exhibition, special quarantine time starters will be available. Take part in interactive content and spread the sour joy!

Bread Omens and friends will be hosting workshops on various digital platforms, while the gallery window serves as an activated site for relating the information on the street level, referring to the outside world of possible oven sites."


Sat 2 - Sun 3.5: Bread Omens rebuild the Vallila bread oven / streaming on instagram @maatilaprojectspace
Thu 7.5. 11-21 Interconnected Dough Stream on Jitsi
with root-ASMR sessions at 11:30-12, 15-15:10 ja 20:30-20:40.
Sat 9.5, 11-14 Fold like dough workshop - stretching and baking / instagram live (event mainly in finnish, but flexible towards english too)
Thu 14.5 00:00 Lasse Vairio's 16mm film will be published!


Jessie Bullivant | Kari Purhonen | You


Refurbishing of the communal oven at the open greenhouse in Vallila for future use. Realized together with Mikael Lindroos.

Streamed on 2-3.5. <~ STORED HERE!


7.5. from 11AM to 9PM (GMT+3) with
J.A. Purhonen | Sonja Donner | Aliisa Talja
Matias Piispanen | Mikael Lindroos | Tiia Roivanen

We asked that people who join the stream keep their microphones off but you are welcome to share your own activity's video (& sound in moderation).

Scheduled during the stream:
10:30-11: Collective score building

Three root-ASMR sessions led by Aliisa Talja at 11:30-12, 15-15:10 and 20:30-20:40.
Use of headphones is recommended.

Exploration of the internal logic of a microbial co-habitation system nibbling its way through the transitive dimension of folding like dough. Social distancing as a means of strengthening cultural bonds to processes within our bodies and their external counterparts: the preservation, preparation (and ultimately, presentation) of nutritional elements in the domestic environment.

We began by creating a common ~> score <~ for the day and followed through with our own processes of waiting, building, deciphering, heating, pacing and feeding - dropping in and out throughout the day.


“For these three hours I can only exist for this dough and for myself.”

You are warmly welcomed to join us in baking and stretching 9.5. at 11-14

© M.L.

You can join the live through the Instagram page of MAA-TILA://

During the instagram live we will bake sourdough bread dough and do some bodily exercises in between the process. 

You can participate with or without your own sourdough, just make sure you are in a peaceful place and wearing comfy clothes. If you are willing to bake with us, prepare yourself with active sourdough, flour, salt and water.

This instalive is an experimental draft for setting ourselves into the calming and soothing process of sourdough baking. The event is based on a workshop in process, which exercises we are testing now remotely and online. 

Welcome to calm down and soften up <3

We’ll be speaking mainly in finnish, but stretching towards english is possible too.


Silent 16mm short by Lasse Vairio. Filmed during the construction of a clay&straw pizza oven for the PAGAN VEGAN screening event 23.8.2019

Images: Matias Piispanen


Short documentation of a durational art piece during Rehearsing Hospitalities. 

Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities was a six-day gathering 9-15.9.2019 in Helsinki. The event brought together local and international arts audiences for a week of interactions and dialogues. 

Organized by Frame Contemporary Art Finland in collaboration with: Museum of Impossible forms, Kontula Art School and artist collective Asematila.

Images: Ida Enegren / Frame Contemporary Art Finland.


*Overthinking Notre Dame Inspired Post Baking Depression* at SIC space during Purpuritanssi exhibition 11.5.-16.6.2019

Above images: Sauli Sirviö.


Short documentation of a month long residency at Dar Slimane, Marrakech in 31.11.-20.12.2018. Amazing, krusty, cute, utopian, mystical, location inspired ovens ever since.

Hot bet

Bread Omens is working around dough. It's infinite fermenting & kin-making process at best - dough bondage, bread-eating, sinking into a tub of sourdough.

We rest while waiting for our turn to bake, learn from others, grow in softness, and expand each other's beautiful and kind existence. Sensing and smelling freshly baked crusty skin, in and out. Turning slow like sourdough. Beginning to turn our friends into dough as well.

Fantasising a whole village of soft sourdough communities with Moroccan bullet-shaped hammams, flames under sweaty squatting bums, while someone scrubs their doughy arms with a piece of old rye bread dipped in black lava soap.

Gimme all your oven!

Jani Anders Purhonen and Elina Rantasuo


Sourdough Starter Archive managed by Sanna Ritvanen.

You can order a starter to be picked up at a location (yes, you heard us right) from the @breadomens instagram page.

OR donate your bread starter! Start by filling in a form:

PDF English | PDF Finnish

1. Wake up your sourdough

2. When the sourdough is active and bubbly, spread a thin layer of it on a baking paper. Let it dry in room temperature for a day or two.

3. After the sourdough has dried (VERY DRY), put it e.g. in a small minigrip bag.

4. Print the sourdough archive form and answer the questions.

5. Pack the sourdough and the form in an envelope and post it to the sourdough archive. The address you can get by e-mailing to with a title 'Sourdough Archive’

© E.R.